Doctor Sexy video (Super sexy doctor videos)

Doctor sexy video: Doctor is the lifetime of our society and they every day save millions of lives due to which there are many Sexy doctor video that portray the medical profession from time to time. In this article, we have curated the list of the top 10 Doctor sexy video of all time

1. Patch Adams Doctor sexy video

Doctor sexy video: Made on the real life of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams who after his depression episode, dedicated his life fully to the medical field. The 2nd appearance of Robin Williams in the doctor sexy video portrays how a person after a bad day arises in life.

2. Something the Lord Made Doctor nurse sexy video

Doctor nurse sexy video: Made on the life of the cardiac surgeon Alfred Blalock and his assistant Vivien Thomas, who is an African-American without any form of formal training but without any typical doctor formality trying to help the doctor with a sharp intellect.

 3. Awakenings Doctor girl sexy video

Doctor girl sexy video: Based on the 1973 memoir of Oliver Sack, this Doctor sexy video runs around the medicine L-Dopa, used for Parkinson’s disease, and Dr. Malcolm Sayer, who is trying to help this patient during their treatment life and much more.

4. Girl, Interrupted Doctor new sexy video

Doctor new sexy video: Starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie this doctor sexy bf video is regarding the tale of Susanna Kaysen, who is mentally challenged and is captivated in a mental asylum in the 1960s., where it traces how mental issues are once solved.

5. Sybil xxx sexy doctor video

xxx sexy doctor video: Based on the real life of Sally Field, who was facing dissociative identity disorder, and how wrong diagnoses led to the worst life for patients. This doctor sexy bp video fixed about the life of a real-life patient, who was suffering from a mental disorder, suicidal memory, and her deep hatred for her mother.

6. Doc Hollywood Doctor ki sexy video

Doctor ki sexy video: Based on an egotist doctor played by Michael J. Fox, who gets stationed in a small town after he failed to recognize his ego and self-obsession. This Doctor sexy video hd traces how ego gets overpowered, and how it started affecting the profession.

7.  The Diving Bell And The Butterfly Doctor ka sexy video

Doctor ka sexy video: After a devastating stroke, the editor-in-chief of French Elle Jean-Dominique Bauby got untapped in his own body and it showed how locked-in syndrome started affecting the daily life of the patient.

8. M*A*S*H Doctor real sexy video

Doctor real sexy video: An army medical story traces the medical issues of army barracks, how a medical team stationed in the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War, deals with soldiers’ issues and their horror of war.

9. Something The Lord Made Doctor unseen sexy video

Doctor unseen sexy video: Starring Alan Rickman and Mos Def focuses it traces how racial barriers affect black cardiac doctors, and how he faces them on how he advances in the medical field. Set at Depression Era, it set how moral and cultural barriers affect the medical field of that time.

10. Side Effects (2013)

Based on fictional medicine and how it is prescribed to a patient and how it started affecting him in life. It tells the power of medicine and if started acting as a side effect, how it affects starts affecting the daily life of the patient.


These top 10 doctor sexy videos not only show how medical facilities work in real life but also show how doctors run their life while showing the patient’s life.

How are doctors portrayed in sexy videos?

It ranges from compassionate to egoist in nature.

Which Bollywood star is a Doctor?

Shreeram Lagu, a veteran actor who appeared in films such as Thodisi Bewafai, Maqsad, Souten, Devata, and Des Pardes, is an MBBS graduate

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