Hot sexy Video: Ullu TV is a sexy hot video content-based OTT platform with the fastest growth, due to its adult, provocative, and erotic content. Launched in 2018, they had gained a large crowd over their app or website, due to their large catalogs, it sometimes becomes tough for regular viewers to make a choice. In this article, we are going to explore the top 10 hot sexy videos to view on Ullu TV.

1. Halala Hot sexy video

Halala Hot sexy video

Xxx hot sexy video: This hot video web series is based on the Halala Ritual and tells the story of Afza, a woman who is happily married to Rahil. Both of them are deeply in love with each other. However, when Rahil angrily pronounces triple talaq on Afza, their marriage takes an unexpected turn. Now, Afza must undergo the Halala Ritual in order to remarry Rahil. Will she be able to fulfill her husband’s request? This series encompasses elements of romance, drama, and struggle.

2. The Bull of Dalal Street sexy hot video

The Bull of Dalal Street sexy hot video

Hot sex video: This popular hot video called “The Bull of Dalal Street” is based on the real-life experiences of an Indian stockbroker named Harshad Mehta. Essentially, it tells the tale of his rise from poverty to riches and how he came to rule the stock market, earning the title of the strongest bull on Dalal Street.

Sexy Hot video: The hot videos depict the biggest stock market fraud committed in 1992 by the kings of the share market, including Harshad Mehta. It portrays Harshad Mehta in two different lights. In one shade, you witness a struggling Harshad Mehta who is willing to do anything to survive. In another shade, you see the wealthy Harshad Mehta, who becomes the ruler of Dalal Street and masters all the tricks of the Indian Stock Market. This web series showcases his ability to do anything for money and never for free. He marries a like-minded woman, and they have a child together. However, due to some mistakes he makes, he faces greater failure and loses everything.

3. Panchali Hot and sexy video

Panchali Hot and sexy video

hot and sexy video: Panchali hot video, which is one of the most popular adult and hot shows on the Ullu app, was released on May 24, 2019. The story revolves around a woman who becomes the wife of four brothers and has a son. She attempts to attract the fifth brother to fulfill a traditional custom. The series becomes intriguing when he starts developing feelings for her.

4. Riti Riwaj Hot Video xxx hot sexy video

Riti Riwaj Hot Video xxx hot sexy video

indian hot sexy video: “Riti Riwaj” is an eagerly awaited erotic hot video that delves into a woman’s sexual desires, a topic rarely openly discussed in our society. The series sheds light on the ongoing issue of water scarcity in rural areas and explores how one man addresses his sexual needs by marrying multiple times. However, he struggles to fulfill one of his wife’s sexual desires, and he remains unaware of the lengths she might go to in order to fulfill them.

5. Bribe Hot girl sexy video

Bribe Hot girl sexy video

hot girl sexy video: This Indian Hot Video tells the story of Padma, a widow who is forced by her brother to trade her body in order to receive her widow’s pension. She engages in sexual activities with powerful men to ensure she receives everything she deserves and desires. The series follows her journey, highlighting the sacrifices she had to make to hold onto what was rightfully hers.

6. Ashuddhi: hindi hot sexy video

 Ashuddhi: hindi hot sexy video

hindi hot sexy video: In the hot video “Ashuddhi,” we follow the story of Karan (played by Hiten Tejwani), an innocent and struggling actor. Karan stumbles upon the secrets of a mysterious Secret Society, which changes his life dramatically. Things take a complicated turn when Karan and his landlady, Vidya (played by Kavita Radheshyam), are introduced to this powerful Secret Society. As the series unfolds, we delve into the dangerous world of these covert organizations, exploring their ideologies, hidden agendas, and ultimate goals. It’s a thrilling journey that exposes the dark side of power and the complexities of Karan’s passionate relationship with Vidya.

7. Woodpecker: hot free sexy video

Woodpecker: hot free sexy video

hot sexy video hd: Meet the highly sought-after CEO in town, who is not only incredibly successful but also the epitome of ambition. However, her insatiable desire to dominate the world unleashes uncontrollable greed within her, leading to substantial problems and conflicts.Dive into this extraordinary story that explores the collision of glitz, ambitions, and the consequences that follow.

8. Bhasudi new hot sexy video

Bhasudi new hot sexy video

new hot sexy video: “Bhasudi” is an Indian hot video available on the Ullu app. It follows the lives of a group of young people whose lives revolve around dealing with weapons. As deadly attacks and gangster fights ensue, their lives undergo significant changes.

9. Me too hot sexy romantic video

hot sexy romantic video: “Me too” is a hot video inspired by the well-known #MeToo movement. It is based on incidents that occurred in late 2018, where numerous Bollywood actresses claimed they were harassed or molested by one or more male industry employees. This hot video specifically tells the tale of a Bollywood actress who paid a high price for her fame.

The Bollywood actress is discovered dead at an event, with a note in her bag that reads “#MeToo.” The male protagonist of the story sets out to investigate what truly happened to her and learns about the harassment she endured by a powerful male figure in the Bollywood industry while pursuing her dreams. It is based on actual events and is presented as a thriller, suspenseful, and glamorous story. You should add it to your must-watch list if you enjoy watching drama hot web series based on real life.

10. January 26 Hot bhabhi sexy video

hot bhabhi sexy video: “January 26” is a hot video that follows the story of Vedh, an agent working for the ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad). During his mission, Vedh develops feelings for a girl named Inshiya. However, he soon discovers that she is a possible terrorist suspect.

Caught in a dilemma, Vedh must decide whether to prioritize his duty to his country or trust his love for Inshiya. Will he be able to save his nation or follow his heart? This web series combines elements of romance, suspense, and patriotism, creating a captivating and engaging storyline. Experience the twists and turns as the plot unfolds, delivering a unique and thrilling viewing experience.


Hindisiksa is a great place to find content for your evening entertainment. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight, here are the top 10 options available on Ullu. These web series are highly recommended if you’re just starting to explore the platform. Let’s check them out and have a fantastic night!

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