Vash Movie Review ( A love story intertwined with revenge)

Vash Movie Review. What will you do if a 3rd wheel start entangling in your relationship and you are unable to do anything regarding it? Director Ganga Mamgai who is the main female cast with the actor Vivek Jaitly is coming back on screen.

Vash Movie trailer

Vash Movie cast

Vash Movie cast includes Ganga Mamgai, Vivek Jaitly, Rituraj Singh, Vishal Sudarshanwar etc with the direction of Jagmeet Samundri, under the production of Ganga Mamgai

Vash Movie premise

Rakshit and Aanchal’s relationship gets disturbed when a 3rd person gets involved and wants  Aanchal to be a part of his life at any cost.

Vash Movie Review

With the atmosphere of suspenseful horror intertwined with a typical love story. director  Ganga Mamgai is able to succeed in the film. The plot seems unpredictable while Vivek Jaitly and Ganga Mamgai provide the role with justice.

Who is the director of the movie Vash?

The director of the movie Vash is Ganga Mamgai

What is the star cast of the movie Vash?

The star cast of the movie Vash is Ganga Mamgai and Vivek Jaitly

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