Actress Ridhima Pandit Dismissed Her Wedding Rumours: TV star Ridhima Pandit recently reacted to the rumours that she will marry cricketer Shubman Gill in December. In an interview with ETimes, Ridhima dismissed the rumours, saying they were purely fictional and that she doesn’t even know Shubman Gill personally. She mentioned receiving numerous congratulatory messages and feeling exhausted from denying the gossip, prompting her to address it on social media. Ridhima clarified that she is single and open to relationships but fears these rumours might discourage potential suitors. She also posted an Instagram story, now deleted, humorously denying any upcoming wedding plans.

What Were Ridhima Pandit’s Realtionship and What is the Status of Her Realtionship?

Ridhima Pandit, a 33-year-old Indian actress, is currently single. Over the years, she has been linked to a couple of notable personalities. She was in a relationship with Eshaan Roshan, the cousin of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, and the son of music director Rajesh Roshan. Eshaan and Ridhima’s relationship, however, did not last, and they eventually parted ways. Later, Ridhima was rumoured to be dating actor Kushal Tandon. The two were often spotted together and shared a close bond, which led to speculation about their relationship status. Despite the rumours, both Ridhima and Kushal maintained that they were just good friends, and the relationship never officially progressed beyond that. As of now, Ridhima Pandit has clarified that she is single and open to new relationships. She mentioned that the recent rumours about her supposed marriage to cricketer Shubman Gill were baseless and purely fictional, causing unnecessary distractions in her personal life. Ridhima remains focused on her career while keeping an open heart for prospects in her personal life.

About Ridhima Pandit

Ridhima Pandit, born on June 25, 1990, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is an Indian actress and model known for her work in Hindi television. She gained fame for her role as Rajni in Life OK’s sitcom Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant. In addition to acting, she has participated in reality shows like Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9, where she finished as the second runner-up, and Bigg Boss OTT in 2021. Ridhima was born to a Gujarati mother, Jayshree, and a Maharashtrian father, Pandit, and grew up in a culturally diverse household.

Her Career as an Actress

Ridhima Pandit began her career in modelling, working on projects for brands like Sunsilk, Fair & Lovely, Dove, Harpic, Veet, Luminous, and Set Wet. She made her acting debut in February 2016 with the lead role in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, portraying a super-humanoid robot named Rajni, which earned her the Gold Award for Best Debut Actress. She then appeared in The Drama Company on Sony Entertainment Television and Voot’s web series Yo Ke Hua Bro. In 2017, she hosted Star Plus’s dance reality show Dance Champions and starred in ALT Balaji’s romantic web series Hum – I’m Because of Us. In 2019, Ridhima participated in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 and later joined the comical game show Khatra Khatra Khatra. She played Amrita Sharma in Zee TV’s science fiction drama Haiwaan: The Monster from August 2019 to February 2020.

Are Shubman Gill and Ridhima Pandit getting married?

Shubman Gill and Ridhima Pandit are not getting married. Ridhima Pandit has addressed the rumours about her marriage to cricketer Shubman Gill, stating that they are completely baseless. She clarified that she doesn’t even know Shubman Gill personally and described the rumours as a product of someone’s imagination.

How is Ridhima Pandit related to Raveena Tandon?

Telly actress Ridhima Pandit, known for her role in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, previously worked as Raveena Tandon’s manager before pursuing acting. Recently, their paths crossed again when Raveena appeared on Ridhima’s show, The Drama Company. It was a reunion for the two after years apart.

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