Ravi Kishan: Bollywood actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Ravi Kishan finds himself involved in a paternity dispute following a civil suit filed by a 25-year-old woman named Shinova. Alleging that Kishan is her biological father, Shinova claims that her mother, Aparna Soni, had a relationship with the actor and seeks to establish paternity through a DNA test. The suit, filed in a Mumbai court, also petitions for Shinova to be officially recognized as Kishan’s daughter and demands that he refrain from denying her paternity. Furthermore, Shinova has initiated legal action to quash an FIR registered against Soni and others in Uttar Pradesh, where Kishan’s wife, Preeti Shukla, accused them of criminal conspiracy, giving false evidence, extortion, and intentional insult. Shinova’s legal representatives argue that the FIR was unjustly filed in Lucknow despite the events occurring in Mumbai, where all involved parties reside. The civil suit recounts the relationship between Soni and Kishan, stating that they met while Soni was working as a journalist and eventually married in 1991. However, due to undisclosed personal issues, their marriage was short-lived. Shinova was born in 1998, but it later came to light that Kishan was already married. Despite their complicated situation, the suit alleges that Kishan and Soni decided that Shinova would refer to the actor as “uncle.” Shinova claims that despite this arrangement, Kishan and Soni provided for her until a recent encounter where Kishan allegedly refused to meet them and behaved rudely. Subsequently, they held a press conference to assert Shinova’s rights as Kishan’s biological daughter. In response, Kishan’s wife, Preeti Shukla, disputes these claims and has filed a complaint in Lucknow alleging a conspiracy to defame her husband and influence the elections. She accuses Soni and others of attempting to extort Rs. 20 crores from Kishan and tarnish his reputation. Soni, however, denies any involvement in criminal activities and asserts that she sent a legal notice to Kishan seeking financial support for their daughter’s education and future.

What are Ravi Kishan’s controversies involved in the past?

Ravi Kishan, a prominent Bollywood actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician, has been embroiled in controversies in the past. One notable controversy involved his remarks about drug abuse in the Indian film industry. In September 2020, during a discussion in Parliament on the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2020, Kishan claimed that drug addiction was prevalent in the film industry and urged the government to take action against it. His statements sparked a debate and drew mixed reactions from various quarters. While some supported his stance and called for a probe into drug-related activities in Bollywood, others criticized him for making unsubstantiated allegations and tarnishing the reputation of the industry without concrete evidence. The controversy brought attention to the issue of drug abuse in the entertainment industry and led to discussions about accountability and responsibility among public figures.

What is the paternity dispute involving Ravi Kishan about?

A 25-year-old woman named Shinova has filed a civil suit claiming that Ravi Kishan is her biological father. She alleges that Kishan had a relationship with her mother, Aparna Soni, and seeks a DNA test to prove her claim.

What legal actions have been taken in response to the dispute?

Shinova has filed a civil suit in a Mumbai court, requesting recognition as Kishan’s daughter and seeking to restrain him from denying her paternity. Additionally, she has initiated legal proceedings to quash an FIR filed against Soni and others in Uttar Pradesh.

What are the allegations made in the FIR against Soni and others?

Kishan’s wife, Preeti Shukla, has accused Soni and others of criminal conspiracy, giving false evidence, extortion, and intentional insult in the FIR filed in Lucknow.

What is the basis of Shinova’s claim to paternity?

Shinova alleges that Kishan and Soni had a relationship that led to her birth in 1998. Despite Kishan’s existing marriage, they decided that Shinova would refer to him as “uncle.”

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