Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings): Penguin Box’s “Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings) manga announced the manga received a new anime series. This anime series, previously debuted on YouTube last August and streamed its 60th and final episode on Friday also broadcast on television. Marina Maki, is known for works such as “The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2” and “Management of a Novice Alchemist,” directed the anime at ENGI, with script supervision by Hiroaki Nagashima. Arisa Yoshii handled character design, while Eiko Nishi worked as the colour key artist. Akemi Sasaki is the compositing director of photography, with sound direction by Kisuke Koizumi at the dugout and sound effects by Akiko Mutō. The music for the anime was composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa, with Kadokawa credited for music production. Rina Koguchi worked as the editor. Additionally, renowned voice actress Kana Hanazawa takes on the role of the r young shark, Kozame-chan, and also contributed to the anime by writing and performing the theme song titled “Yorimichi” (Detour). Penguin Box initially debuted the “Odekake Kozame” manga on Twitter in June 2021, with the fourth compiled volume released in Japan last October.

Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings)

Set in the charming town of Yauo, “Dekake Kozame” follows the adorable adventures of Kozame-chan, a lovable little shark character. Despite being a shark, Kozame-chan finds herself immersed in the heartwarming everyday activities and experiences that the town has to offer. From participating in morning radio exercises to exploring festival stalls filled with delectable treats, Kozame-chan’s journey is filled with a diverse array of delightful encounters. Along the way, she meets new friends and engages in heartwarming interactions that further enhance her experiences in Yauo town.

When did the previous anime series debut and conclude?

The previous Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings) anime series debuted on YouTube in August and concluded with its 60th and final episode, which streamed on Friday. It also aired on television.

Who are the key staff members involved in the anime Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings) production?

Marina Maki directed the Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings)anime at ENGI, with script supervision by Hiroaki Nagashima. Arisa Yoshii handled character design, and Eiko Nishi was the colour key artist. Other staff members include Akemi Sasaki (compositing director of photography), Kisuke Koizumi (sound director), Akiko Mutō (sound effects), Yoshiaki Fujisawa (music composer), and Rina Koguchi (editor).

Who voices the character, Kozame-chan in Odekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings)?

Famous voice actress Kana Hanazawa plays the role of Kozame-chan and also wrote and performed the anime’s theme song titled “Yorimichi” (Detour).

Where was the mangaOdekake Kozame” (Little Shark’s Outings) initially published?

“Odekake Kozame” debuted on Twitter in June 2021, with its fourth compiled volume released in Japan last October.

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