Kim Bo Ra: South Korean actress Kim Bo Ra, known for the series “Sky Castle,” tied the knot with her longtime beau, film director Jo Ba Reun. The couple, who first crossed paths while working on the movie “Ghost Mansion” in 2021, has announced their wedding plans, much to the delight of fans. Kim Bo Ra’s agency, Noon Company, confirmed the news, expressing joy over the couple’s decision to take their relationship to the next level. The wedding is scheduled for June and will be an intimate affair attended by close family and friends.

Kim Bo Ra

Kim Bo-ra is a prominent South Korean actress, recognized for her performances in various dramas and films. Her 1st break came in the movie “Sky Castle” in 2018, . Bo-ra’s acting journey began as a child artist, with notable appearances in films like “For Horowitz” (2006) and “Children of Heaven” (2012). Over the years, she has showcased her versatility in a range of roles, from the drama “Glamorous Temptation” (2015) to the horror flick “Ghost Mansion” (2021), where she met her fiancé, director Jo Ba Reun. Their relationship, which blossomed during the production of “Ghost Mansion,” led to in a wedding announcement in March 2024. Despite her busy acting career, Bo-ra has also undertaken television commercials, web series, and music videos, her presence across various media platforms. With numerous awards including the Korea Drama Awards 2019 & MBC Drama Awards 2021 and ambassadorships to her name,

Who is Kim Bo-ra?

Kim Bo-ra is a South Korean actress known for her roles in various dramas and films, including the hit drama “Sky Castle.”

What notable awards has Kim Bo-ra received?

Kim Bo-ra has won the Popular Female Character award at the Korea Drama Awards 2019 for her role in “Sky Castle.”

What other recognition has Kim Bo-ra received?

She has been nominated for the Excellence Award for Actress in a Short Drama at the MBC Drama Awards 2021 for her performance in “Love Scene Number.”

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