First Ayurvedic Cafe: India started their 1st ever First Ayurvedic Cafe named Soma-The Ayurvedic Kitchen started by Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital in Shalimar Bagh. The menu of the 1st Ayurvedic Cafe includes of  Dumplings and Pav Bhaji, all prepared without onion and garlic including idlis, sprouts pav bhaji and ragi vada pao with global offerings like the falafel platter, spinach and cheese ravioli and beetroot dumplings.

Soma-The Ayurvedic Kitchen

Dr Himanshu, a doctor at the Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital claimed to the media that almost all the dishes they offer are homemade and fresh highlighting the consumption of unprocessed foods while encouraging mindful eating practices. He added their Vada Pao is different from the ordinary stall-made or restaurant, where he claimed that their Pao is made of Ragi which is known for having a cooling effect in Ayurveda. Whereas for Vada, the chefs of Soma Kitchen have coated these potato balls with the nutritious Moong Daal. With dumplings which they offered with a blend of wheat, beetroot and a medley of ricotta, cottage cheese and spinach. In Ayurveda, Beetroot is known for its detoxifying ability whereas spinach carries an iron-rich profile and digestive support. 

Where is the Soma Ayurvedic kitchen located?

The Soma Ayurvedic kitchen is located in  Shalimar Bagh in Delhi.

What is Soma in Ayurveda?

Soma in Ayurveda refers to Lunar energy, otherwise known as cosmic plasma which is the subtlest form of matter and makes up the essence of the Ojas, an essential energy responsible for vitality, health, and wellness.

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