Google Get Sued: Google is facing charges for EU engaging in anti-competitive adtech practices

Google Get Sued: Google , world largest search engine is facing charges of engaging in anti-competitive practices by the EU, where later they had accused of favoring Google advertising services, leading to fine of 10% of the company’s annual global turnover.

Google Get Sued: So what is the concern?

Google is the world’s biggest search engine capturing world 80-89 % of world internet searches , where it primarily business model services through Youtube, Web Pages, where as per 2022 data it amounts to totaling $224.5bn. But as per charges put up by the European Publishers Council , Google is performing favoritism towards their own interest , while creating intentional harm to other services in EU regions , which after Vestager investigation was found to be correct recently, where Google had denied it but accepted the decision of EU

Google Get Sued: Why is it significant?

Google is always getting accused of using their monopoly in their own favor , where they engaged in such incidents like selling user privacy without consent , or engaging in anti-business practices. Recent EU decisions in the Google disfavour will surely force the EU to find the alternative ways to find the alternative of Google services like China had done already

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What is the penalty for Google in the EU?

It is the fine of 10% of the company’s annual global turnover.

What is the European Core complaint against Google?

Google have been accused of using their services of advertisement to favour their services

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