Garudan Movie Review: Minister Thangapandi is on the run to grab the land of the famous temple of the State leading to a friendly war between Aadhi and Karuna, played by Unni Mukundan and Soori, while others are Vadivukkarasi and Shivada Nair. Who will win in the confrontation of life and religion?

Garudan Movie Production Details

Garudan is directed by Kalaiyarasan, with cinematography by Arthur Wilson, who effectively captures the rustic and gritty ambience of Theni. The film had a powerful background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja, enhancing its intense emotional and action sequences. Produced by Studio Green, Garudan stars Sasikumar, Unni Mukundan, and Soori in main roles, with supporting performances by Vadivukkarasi and Shivada Nair. The movie’s screenplay emphasizes strong character dynamics and rural aesthetics, while the limited use of songs keeps the narrative focused on its core themes of betrayal and retribution.

Garudan Movie Preview 

Minister Thangapandi (R.V. Udayakumar) is inspired to grab land belonging to the Kombaiammam Temple. In Kombai, we meet Aadhi (Sasikumar) and Karuna (Unni Mukundan), best friends since childhood, and Sokkan (Soori), a loyal servant to Karuna’s family. Sokkan, an orphan who once saved Karuna’s life, is always around, helping both families. minister’s henchman (Mime Gopi) arrives, and he offers Karuna a deal: betray Aadhi and give up the temple documents for wealth. Karuna, influenced by his ambitious wife, agrees, leading to a tragic chain of events. Karuna’s grandmother, Sellaayi (Vadivukkarasi), dies mysteriously, making it easier for Karuna to control the land. Karuna then manipulates Sokkan’s loyalty, making him the new trustee to steal the documents. Aadhi, unaware of Karuna’s betrayal, is brutally murdered, and Sokkan witnesses the horrific act. Torn between loyalty to Karuna and his sense of justice, Sokkan faces a tough decision, leading to a violent showdown.

Garudan Movie Review 

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background music is good, with few songs, which works in the film’s favour. Arthur Wilson captures the brown, muddy look of the brickfield well. Garudan will appeal to fans of emotional rural action films. The movie’s graphic violence feels excessive. The constant stabbings and throat-cuttings become repetitive and lose their impact. The plot of betrayal feels familiar, similar to Sundarapandian. Soori, Sasikumar, and Unni Mukundan share equal screen time. Sasikumar performs well, and Unni Mukundan is earnest, but Soori shines the most. His transformation from a loyal servant to a man fighting for justice provides the emotional core of the film. He has continued his streak of strong performances since Vidhuthalai. Vadivukkarasi’s brief role is memorable, and Shivada Nair makes the most of her limited screen time. Some scenes, like Aadhi bringing a baby to a knife fight, seem out of place, and despite warnings, he still walks into his doom. Garudan moves quickly with hardly any slow moments. The close friendship among the three main characters makes the betrayal even more painful. Sokkan stands out with his conflicting emotions, and his inability to lie in front of his master leads to some amusing moments.

What is the central plot of Garudan?

The movie centres on the conflict that arises when Minister Thangapandi attempts to seize temple land in Theni, leading to betrayal and a violent confrontation between childhood friends Aadhi and Karuna.

Who are the main characters in the Garudan?

The main characters are Aadhi (played by Sasikumar), Karuna (played by Unni Mukundan), and Sokkan (played by Soori), with important supporting roles by Vadivukkarasi and Shivada Nair.

Who is responsible for the movie’s music and cinematography?

Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the film’s background score, while Arthur Wilson handled the cinematography of Garudan

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