Aid in Dying: Recently, the French Government passed new legislation that will legalize “aid in dying” for adults facing end-of-life illnesses in the French state, leading to pro-life and pro-choice debates among common citizens of the country. The proposal needed to still to floored in the National Assembly of France before it became legal to die at per choice in France after Emmanuel Macron tabled the provision of the right to abortion in the constitution recently.

What is the “Aid in Dying” in France?

The French government is 3rd state that legalised the death of a patient who are himself willing to die after Switzerland and Portugal allow assisted suicide, while the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain permit euthanasia under specific circumstances. The key aspects of the legislation are as follows:-

  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • Legislation is restricted to adults with incurable illnesses and short to medium-term prognosis.
  • Must experience “intractable” physical or psychological pain.
  • Age requirement: 18 or above capable of forming their views.
  • Exclusions: Patients with severe psychiatric conditions or neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Request and Approval Process:
  • Reconfirmation of choice is required after 48 hours.
  • Maximum two-week response time from a medical team.
  • Upon approval, the doctor prescribes lethal medication valid for three months.
  • Administration of Lethal Medication:
  • Patients can take medication at home, nursing home, or healthcare facility.
  • If unable to self-administer due to physical condition, assistance is allowed from the chosen person, doctor, or nurse.

Who legalised euthanasia first globally?

The Switzerland legalised the euthanasia first

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