Fever FM to celebrate Podmasters Conclave and Awards: Fever FM, in partnership with HT Smart Cast, is celebrating India’s best podcasters with the inaugural Podmasters event. Taking place on May 30 in Mumbai, the “Podmasters Conclave and Awards” will honour excellence in Indian podcasting with 35 award categories. Winners were chosen from over 240 nominations and received more than 30,000 votes. A panel of 12 judges will oversee the awards, including industry leaders like Sonal Kalra, Aditya Kuber, Roshan Abbas, Mantra Mugdh, Kavita Rajwade, and Varun Duggirala. The event will feature notable celebrities such as Cyrus Broacha, Raj Shamani, Zakir Khan, Neha Dhupia, Aakash Chopra, Jackie Shroff, and Jimmy Shergill. This celebration recognizes the significant impact of podcasting in India and aims to elevate the modern audio medium.

Podmasters Conclave and Awards: An Overview

Fever FM, in collaboration with HT Smart Cast, is hosting the inaugural Podmasters Conclave and Awards on May 30 in Mumbai. This event aims to honour the best in Indian podcasting, featuring 35 award categories to celebrate the contributions and achievements of India’s leading podcasters, celebrities, experts, and industry leaders.

Podmasters Conclave and Awards Event Details:

  • Date: May 30
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Award Categories: 35
  • Nominations: Over 240
  • Votes: More than 30,000

Podmasters Conclave and Awards Judging Panel

A distinguished panel of 12 judges, including prominent figures such as Sonal Kalra (Chief Managing Editor of HT), Aditya Kuber (Co-founder and CEO of Ideabrew Studio), Roshan Abbas (Founder of Kommune), Mantra Mugdh (Director of MnM Talkies), Kavita Rajwade (Co-founder of IVM Podcasts), and Varun Duggirala (Co-founder and CEO of EMoMee), will oversee the awards.

Key Personalities:

  • Neha Dhupia: Renowned actress and podcaster.
  • Navya Naveli: Podcaster of “What The Hell, Navya!”
  • Cyrus Broacha: Popular comedian and podcaster.
  • Raj Shamani: Influential entrepreneur and podcaster.
  • Zakir Khan: Stand-up comedian and podcaster.
  • Aakash Chopra: Cricket commentator and podcaster.
  • Jackie Shroff: Veteran actor.
  • Jimmy Shergill: Acclaimed actor.

What is the Podmasters Conclave and Awards?

The Podmasters Conclave and Awards is an event organized by Fever FM in partnership with HT Smart Cast to celebrate and honour the best in Indian podcasting. It features 35 award categories designed to recognize the finest podcasters in India.

When and where is the event taking place?

The event will be held on May 30 in Mumbai.

Who are the judges for the awards?

A distinguished panel of 12 judges will preside over the awards. The panel includes:
Sonal Kalra, Chief Managing Editor of HT
Aditya Kuber, Co-founder and CEO of Ideabrew Studio
Roshan Abbas, Founder of Kommune
Mantra Mugdh, Director of MnM Talkies
Kavita Rajwade, Co-founder of IVM Podcasts
Varun Duggirala, Co-founder and CEO of EMoMee

Which celebrities will be attending the event?

Several prominent celebrities will be in attendance, including:
Neha Dhupia
Navya Naveli
Cyrus Broacha
Raj Shamani
Zakir Khan
Aakash Chopra
Jackie Shroff
Jimmy Shergill

What did Ramesh Menon, CEO of Fever Network, say about the event?

Ramesh Menon stated, “The PodMasters Conclave & Awards is our bold step to elevate Indian podcasting to an international level. By bringing together the pioneers and emerging talent of Indian podcasting, we aim to celebrate their contributions and shape the future voices of this dynamic medium.”

What did Nikhil Taneja, Co-founder & Chief of Yuvaa, say about being nominated?

Nikhil Taneja expressed, “I’m so grateful that my series ‘Be a Man, Yaar!’ has been recognized by the jury and the fans. I hope that Yuvaa is able to have many more conversations that try to make the world a kinder place.”

What did Navya Naveli say about participating in the event?

Navya Naveli said, “So excited to join the initiative taken by HT Smartcast to uplift the Indian Podcasting Universe. As a podcaster myself, I stay very excited about this evolving space and hosting a podcast of my own gives me an extra kick to be vocal about my thoughts.”

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