Digi Yatra System: As part of the digitalization of the airport in India, Manohar International Airport introduced Digi Yatra System, becoming  the 14th airport in India to launch the Digi Yatra system. In past, the Digi Yatra System is running in the airport of Delhi, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai, among others.

Digi Yatra System

SchemeDigi Yatra
Launch YearDecember, 2022
Focus AreaTo provide contactless and facial recognition technology in Airports
Nodal MinistryMinistry of Civil Aviation
CoverageAll domestic Airport in a phased manner

Digi Yatra, an initiative by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, whose objective is to provide a seamless digital experience for air travelers It falls in line with the Prime Minister’s Digital India vision. It lets the passengers to link their Aadhaar number to a Digi Yatra ID on their mobile app. for online identification at the airport quence. At the airport, they can simply scan their boarding pass, and the facial recognition system will confirm their identity, allowing them to proceed through security and boarding without manual checks.

Objectives of DIGI YATRA :-

  1. Enhancing passenger experience and simplifying air travel for all passengers.
  2. Achieving improved throughput within existing infrastructure using a digital framework.
  3. Lowering operational costs through digitization.
  4. Digitizing manual processes to enhance efficiency.
  5. Enhancing security standards and system performance.
  6. Implementing the Digi Yatra system with a digital ID supported by a verifiable government-issued identity like AADHAAR.

Digi Yatra platform 4th Piliar

The Digi Yatra platform will be constructed upon four key pillars: Connected Passengers, Connected Airports, Connected Flying, and Connected Systems. Over time, passengers will be able to:

Connected Passengers:

  • Efficient trip planning with price trend identification and future airfare estimation.
  • Optional linking of Aadhaar for faster airport entry and automated check-ins.
  • Real-time notifications about congestion and delays.
  • Grievance submission, experience sharing, and feedback provision.

Connected Airports:

  • Swift passage through security scanners via advanced biometric security solutions.
  • Access to relevant airport information such as facilities, protocols, and queue lengths.
  • Convenient navigation through the airport using digital guidance systems and interactive kiosks.
  • Prompt notification when luggage reaches the baggage claim belt.

Connected Flying:

  • Engagement with customized digital offerings at experience zones.
  • Stay connected during flights and access immersive experiences.
  • Booking of in-flight services and destination-based offerings digitally.

Connected Systems:

  • Integration of Aadhaar with airlines and ecosystem players for streamlined processes.
  • Provision of real-time notifications about congestion and delays.
  • Seamless navigation through the airport using augmented reality apps.

Which airport become 14th airport in India to launch the Digi Yatra system?

Manohar International Airport in Mopa become 14th airport in India to launch the Digi Yatra system

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