Global Inequality Research Award: Recently, the Global Inequality Research Award is conferred by Bina Agarwal and James Boyce for their understanding of global inequalities in the areas of social and environmental inequalities at conferences in Paris in the fall and spring of 2024. These conferences will be organized with the help of Sciences Po’s Social-Ecological Transitions (SET) initiative. Bina Agarwal, an economist from the University of Manchester, is significant in studying gender inequalities, environmental governance, ecofeminism, and environmental inequalities through her groundbreaking research. Similarly, James K. Boyce, an economist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has made significant contributions by exploring how social inequality affects environmental degradation, shaping the field of environmental political economy with his important work. Both scholars have played key roles in advancing our understanding of important issues related to economics, gender, and the environment, influencing discussions in academia and policymaking around the globe.

Global Inequality Research Award

The World Inequality Lab (WIL) and Sciences Po’s Center for Research on Social Inequalities (CRIS) jointly provide the 1st ever Global Inequality Research Award aim and objective is to recognize every two years researchers from all disciplines who have made a significant contribution to the understanding of global inequalities

Significance of the Award:

  • The GiRA Award underscores the importance of addressing global inequalities through diverse perspectives and disciplines.
  • It emphasizes the necessity for comprehensive research and collaborative efforts to tackle the multifaceted challenges posed by economic, social, and environmental inequalities on a global scale.
  • By honouring exceptional researchers in this field, the award aims to inspire further scholarly work and foster a deeper understanding of global inequalities, ultimately leading to the development of effective solutions and policies.

Objectives of the GiRA Award:

  • The GiRA Award seeks to recognize researchers from all disciplines who have made remarkable contributions to understanding global inequalities.
  • It will be bestowed every two years and aims to acknowledge significant scholarship in the realm of global inequality from two primary perspectives.

Who is conferred with the Global Inequality Research Award?

Bina Agarwal and James Boyce conferred with the Global Inequality Research Award.

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