Bhuvan Bam trademarks his Titu Mama: Bhuvan Bam, known for playing multiple characters in his ‘BB Ki Vines’ videos, has officially trademarked one of his most popular characters, Titu Mama. Bhuvan Bam shared on social media, “Titu Mama’s journey has been amazing. When I first introduced him, I had no idea he’d become so popular. His unique qualities and style have connected with viewers, and it’s heartwarming to see all the love for him.”He added, “In 2018, we took Titu Mama to new heights with ‘Titu Talks,’ where I hosted Shah Rukh Khan, followed by Johnny Sins, Ramcharan, Junior NTR, and SS Rajamouli. The huge response to Titu Talks showed the character’s popularity. To protect this identity, we decided to officially register Titu Mama with Intellectual Property India. This step ensures that Titu Mama remains unique and cherished.”

Who is Titu Mama?

Titu, known as Titu Mama (Hindi: टीटू मामा, Ṭīṭū Māmā), is a character portrayed by Bhuvan Bam in the BB Ki Vines series. Titu is a loan shark who hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and occasionally resides in Delhi. He is known for his simple hairstyle and dark moustache, along with his no-nonsense attitude and witty comebacks. Titu is deeply family-oriented, valuing his family above all else. He shares a close bond with his sister Janaki and nephew Bhuvan but often roasts his brother-in-law, Babloo, although there is a certain level of respect between them. Titu gets along well with Bhuvan’s friends, especially preferring Sameer while being less fond of Bancho.

Character History and Appearances

Titu made his first appearance in the episode “Titu Mama,” where he visits his nephew Bhuvan and his family in Delhi after several years. The visit reveals a deeper motive: Titu is seeking to catch a fraudster who scammed him out of 20 lakh rupees. Titu enlists Bhuvan and Bancho to help, promising them a reward if they succeed. The quest continues through several episodes, including “Ghaplebaaz Ko Pakdo,” “The Culprit,” and others, culminating in confrontations with the fraudster, Hola.

Angry Masterji:
In “Angry Masterji: Part 10,” Titu accompanies Bhuvan to a parent-teacher meeting, where he ends up scolding both Bhuvan for his school antics and Babli Sir for his lack of professionalism.

Family-Related Episodes:
In episodes like “Jijaji Ko Dhoondo” and “Laut Aye Jijaji,” Titu is involved in finding his missing brother-in-law, Babloo. His suspicion about Babloo’s disappearance leads him to uncover that Babloo never boarded his flight to Bangkok, further heightening his concern. Eventually, Babloo returns, and Titu’s suspicion about Babloo’s activities is confirmed through a series of events, including an encounter with Badass Santa, who causes everyone to speak the truth.

Confrontations with Hola:
In “Faisla,” Titu decides to return to Indore but comes back to handle Hola, who is bothering the family again. Titu cleverly outmanoeuvres Hola by sending compromising material to Hola’s house, leading to Hola’s retreat.

In “Saalgira Party,” Titu helps plan a wedding anniversary party for Babloo and Janaki. However, the plan goes awry when Babloo mistakenly takes Janaki to an adult film, causing Janaki to become upset. Despite the confusion, Titu’s intent to celebrate the family occasion underscores his commitment to his loved ones.

Who is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam is a popular Indian YouTuber known for creating and playing multiple characters in his ‘BB Ki Vines’ videos.

What is ‘BB Ki Vines’?

‘BB Ki Vines’ is a YouTube channel where Bhuvan Bam uploads comedy sketches featuring various characters, all played by himself.

Who is Titu Mama?

Titu, known as Titu Mama (Hindi: टीटू मामा, Ṭīṭū Māmā), is a loan shark who hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and occasionally resides in Delhi.

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