Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Review, Cast, Plot and much more

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Prashant Bhagia had come with a contemporary love story featuring Riddi Dogra and Barun Sobti as lovers of a modern story, Let’s explore the web series cast, plot and finally review.

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Cast

Shivam BhaargavaAri
Riddhi DograLiz
Mallika DuaMallika Dua
Ismeet KohliIsmeet Kohli
Minissha LambaMinissha Lamba
Barun SobtiBarun Sobti
Keshav UppalKaran
Abhay Kulpreet Yadav

Featuring Riddi Dogra as Liz and Barun Sobti as Karan as 2 lovers who had different viewpoints regarding everything, with the supporting cast of Minissha Lamba Malika Dua, where each of them has given their utmost support to the cast.

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Plot

Liz a hopeless romantic falls in love with a boy named Karan for a casual relationship, but soon they both start fighting for compatibility in life and with each other, Both had different viewpoints regarding everything whether it is life or each other personality. Will this relationship survive or went to death

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Trailer

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Where to watch

It is exclusively available on AmazonMIni TV as freemium service from today.

Badtameez Dil (Web Series)- Review

Ekta Kapoor Production Team had done a wonderful story for modern lovers. Whether it is the actor’s contribution or storyline all falls in the heart of the viewer. If u looking for love, then u can stop here.

Where I can watch Badtameez Dil (Web Series)?

it is exclusively available on Amazon MiniTv

What is the genre of the Badtameez Dil (Web Series)?

It is a modern romance featuring Riddi Dogra and Barun Sobti

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