Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Sayli SalunkheSayli Salunkhe, known for her role as Vandana Karmarkar in the Star Plus show Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, purchased a new Kia Seltos car. Known for her meticulous approach to her roles and life decisions, Salunkhe chose the Kia Seltos for its sleek and sophisticated design, which complements her vibrant personality and bold character. Salunkhe’s decision to opt for the Seltos reflects her eco-conscious mindset, as the car boasts eco-friendly and sustainable features that align with her values. Despite achieving this milestone, Salunkhe has chosen to keep this achievement private and has refrained from sharing it on social media. Salunkhe’s television career began with Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali, and she gained recognition for her portrayal of Vandana Karmarkar in Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si alongside Mohit Malik on Star Plus. Now, she is set to feature as the leading lady in the upcoming show Pukaar on Sony Entertainment Television.

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

In the television drama series, Vandana Karmarkar lives with her family, including her father Vijay, her aunt, her younger sister Mrunal, her older brother Hemant, his wife Anagha, and their son Shivam. Vandana has been in a relationship with Vaibhav for about five years and is preparing to marry him. She aspires to become a playback artist and auditions for a job. However, Kunal Malhotra, who dislikes India, is compelled to find the next great artist in Mumbai. He hears Vandana’s voice and disparages it, telling her she will never succeed as a playback singer. Despite his criticism, Vandana vows to become the best. Kunal’s aunt Pammi decides to live with him, along with her son Bobby, a social media influencer. Kunal moves in next door to Vandana’s house. When Vandana is assaulted by a prospective employer, Kunal intervenes, protecting her dignity and cancelling a business deal. However, Vandana misunderstands Kunal’s intentions. At a party hosted by the Malhotras, tensions arise between Vandana’s family and Kunal’s father, Kuldeep. Pammi insults Vandana’s aunt, leading to a confrontation. Kunal decides to make Vandana and her family’s life difficult, eventually buying their house and forcing them to move out. He agrees to let them stay if Vandana becomes his assistant. Meanwhile, Mrunal and Vaibhav start an affair, causing further complications. Kunal discovers their relationship but struggles to inform Vandana due to the ongoing turmoil.

Who is Sayli Salunkhe?

Sayli Salunkhe is an actress known for her role as Vandana Karmarkar in the Star Plus show Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si.

Why did Sayli Salunkhe choose the Kia Seltos?

Sayli Salunkhe opted for the Kia Seltos because she wanted a sleek and sophisticated car that reflects her vibrant personality and bold character. The car’s eco-friendly features also align with her eco-conscious mindset.

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