Lord Curzon Ki Haveli: In the UK-Asian Film Festival 2024, the actor Arjun Mathur is chosen for best actor while Anshuman Jha becomes best director for their movie Lord Curzon Ki Haveli. The film had got successful festival run over the past six months while receiving a standing ovation at a packed Regent Street cinema in London. At the UK-Asian Film Festival, Anshuman Jha expressed his gratitude for the award for best actor, while speaking about the significance of winning in the UK, while recognising this Asian identity and immigration in the West.

What is the Story Of Lord Curzon Ki Haveli?

Plot Summary

Lord Curzon Ki Haveli (2023) is a darkly comedic thriller that delves into themes of identity, immigration, and the unexpected twists of life.The film follows four Indian expatriates (Desis) who gather for an unplanned dinner at the affluent mansion, of Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, in the UK. The host, Rohit, played by Arjun Mathur, invited her friends for a casual meet-up where he sets the tone for the evening with an unexpected revelation: he tells his guests that there is a corpse in the trunk of his car. Initially, thought of as a morbid joke by guests, but is it was a joke or a deep conspiracy of the host?

Main Characters

  1. Rohit (Arjun Mathur): .
  2. Saira (Zoha Rahman):
  3. Vikram (Paresh Pahuja):

Production and Direction

Anshuman Jha’s directorial debut is notable for its tight pacing and clever storytelling. His ability to draw strong performances from the cast, especially Arjun Mathur, has been widely praised. The film’s setting in a historic UK mansion adds a layer of gothic intrigue to the story, complementing its dark comedic tone.

Accolades and Reception

“Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” has had a successful festival run, earning acclaim for its unique blend of comedy and thriller elements. At the UK-Asian Film Festival 2024, the film received standing ovations and accolades, with Anshuman Jha winning the “Best Director” award and Arjun Mathur taking home the “Best Actor” award. The film’s reception highlights its impact and the resonance of its themes with audiences.

Director’s Vision

Anshuman Jha has expressed his joy and gratitude for the recognition, particularly emphasizing the significance of the film’s themes being acknowledged in the UK. He believes the film not only entertains but also poses important questions about identity and belonging. Jha looks forward to the film’s wider release, hoping it will continue to engage and provoke thought among audiences globally.

Who directed “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli”?

The film is directed by Anshuman Jha, marking his debut as a director.

Who are the main actors in the film?

The main cast includes:
Arjun Mathur as Rohit
Zoha Rahman as Saira
Paresh Pahuja as Vikram

What awards has the film won?

At the UK-Asian Film Festival 2024, Anshuman Jha won the “Best Director” award, and Arjun Mathur won the “Best Actor” award.

What is “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” plot ?

“Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” is a black comedy thriller that follows four Indian expatriates who gather for an unplanned dinner at a historic mansion in the UK. The host, Rohit, shocks his guests by claiming there is a corpse in the trunk of his car soon.

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